School Anthem

First Stanza
God’s grace abide with Ghanata
Star bright with blessings manifold;
Carpe diem excelling.
Semper Mirabilis o Ghanata!
Eagle flighted we discerning
Blessed with joyful brains and brawns
Victorious our crown.
Second Stanza
Comrade that evermore shall be,
In one accord arise, resolve,
Lift high the torch triumphant.
Third Stanza
Stand up GOSANS, the mighty ban!
Ever awake the militants,
Arise proclaim Ghanata.
Fourth Stanza
Ring loud the bells with heart and hand,
By God arise, obey abd seek,
With aims of CARPE DIEM.

Composed in 1986 by MR. L. P. O. LUTTEROUDT (a Gosan! )

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