Rules & Regulations

General Caution To Students.

  1. 1. You will be required to adhere to All school Rules and Regulations as contained in the Students Handbook.

  2. 2. All students are considered to be on probation for the duration of their programme and would be dismissed at any time for misconduct or unsatisfactory academic work.

  3. 3. It has to be noted that the School is a secular institution and it is not bound by observance of any religious or sectarian practices.

Disciplinary Rules & Regulations For Students.

  1. 1. Aim

    The objective of the school will be to produce diligent boys and girls and inculcate in them the love for excellence in matters of academic,moral or otherwise.In furtherance of this objective,every boy or girl will be expected to uphold the good name of the school both within and outside its bounds and it shall be a serious breach of code to misbehave or to fo anything which is likely to bring the school into disrepute.

  2. 2. General Cleanliness

    It shall be the duty of all students to keep the school tidy in healthy condition at all times.In connection with this, weekly compound,classroom and dormitory inspections will be conducted,and will be obligatory for all borders.Any student who refuses to take part shall be withdrawn from the boarding house.

  3. 3. Manual Work

    All students irrespective of their forms will perform manual work at scheduled times (except physically challenged persons). Offenders will undergo a punishment of internal suspension of one week.Persistent refusal to do manual work will result in external suspension.

  4. 4. Daily Schedule

    The daily Routine as published and posted on the School Notice Board is binding on all students.

  5. 5. School Gatherings

    These includes Morning Assemblies, Church Service, General Assemblies (for special occasions), etc. Opening Assemblies (at the beginning of the term) and Closing Assemblies (end of term).

    1. a) Attendance at these gathering is compulsory for every student. Failure to attend any school gathering or assembly is an offence punishable by;

      Internal suspension for three(3) days
       Two weeks’ External suspension plus a bond.

    2. b) Any unseeking noise at such assemblies/gathering shall attract some punishment.
  6. 6. Fees

    Terminal fees are payable before or on the day of re-opening. Students should NOT return to school without full fees.

  7. 7. Re-opening
    1. a) All boarders are expected to report to their Housemasters/Housemistresses between the hours of 600am to 6:00pm on the day of re-opening and to register their arrival / presence in the school.
    2. b) All boarders reporting late, that is, after the day of re-opening without prior permission, shall be punished for the number of days they stay away at home.
    3. c) Students not reporting two weeks after re-opening without goods reasons shall be considered as having withdrawn themselves for the school.
  8. 8. End of Term

    No student shall leave the home after the closing Assembly (held in the evening). Boarders shall only leave the campus the morning following the Closing Assembly after the waking bell. Students who leave without permission shall face two weeks external suspension plus a bond after re-opening.

  9. 9. Attire
    1. a. (i) No student shall bring to school any other clothes other than what are on our kit list.
      (i) Students shall always appear simple and neatly dressed and unless for special occasions like cultural activities and drama, Any other dress shall not be allowed ie ;expensive or fanciful articles.
    2. b. Students shall put on only school uniform for coming to or going out of school.
    3. c. Students who put on unauthorized attire shall have them seized and shall be published.
    4. d. Bathroom slippers are not allowed at any school gathering. Offenders shall have their slippers seized and shall be published.
  10. 10. Dinning Hall
    1. a. (i ) Attendance at all meals is compulsory for all boarders.
      (II) The dining hall perfect is to maintain order and discipline at all times and report all law breakages and misconduct to the teachers or dupty / serious housemaster or mistress
    2. (b) No student is permitted to take food out of the hall except with permission from his/her housemaster/mistress.
    3. (c) Punctuality at all meals is strictly enjoyed.
    4. (d) The normal dinning hall etiquette shall be strictly be adhered to.
    5. (e) Special diet: This only limited to the following:-(i) Pepper free (ii) salt free (iii) Fat free diets (iv) and cases of allergy.
      Any student, who requires any of the above, must produce a medical certificate from a certified medical officer and this shall be subject to periodic reviews.
    6. (f) Habitual defaulters of any of the dinning hall regulations shall be asked to withdraw from the boarding house.
  11. 11. Entertainment
    1. (a) Entertainment are compulsory for all students
    2. (b) No student is allowed to loiter about during entertainment.
    3. (c) Failure to aattend and behave well shall attract punishment under attendance of school gathering/assemblies.
  12. 12. Class/Prep Attendance
    1. (a) class attendance and prep are compulsory for all students
    2. (b) Class attendance registers shall be kept by class monitors who record both staff and students’ absentees for each period
    3. (c) Class attendance register shall be submitted to office of the office of the Assistant Headmistress at the end of the last period of the day by class monitors who shall collect them from the Assistant Headmistress before the first period of the day.
    4. (d) No excuses without proper approval for absence from classes/prep will be accepted.
    5. (e) Truant shall be given internal suspension for one week plus a bond or expelled from the school
    6. (f) Students required by any member of staff or the Adminstration shall leave class only when a request is made to the teacher in charge at that time
    7. (g) Five minutes after the beginning of each period, if a teacher in charge does not turn up, the class monitor should find his/her whereabouts from the Assistant Headmaster
  13. 13.Examinations
    1. (a) All class and terminal examinations are compulsory
    2. (b) Any student who dodges any examination without proper permission or a medical report from a certified medical officer, shall be suspended for one month. Any student who continues to dodge examination shall be aasked to withdraw from the school.
    3. (c) Cheating during examination shall merit a severe punishment and even an outright expulsion from the school.
    4. (d) Students found with examination materials shall be severely punished or withdrawn from the school.