Our History

The Ghanata History

Ghanata Senior High School, formerly called the Gold Coast People College, was founded by formally as a national co – education institution on the 3rd February, 1936 at Adidome in the Volta region by Rev. Isaac Doe Osabutey-Aguedze, M.A., B.D., Rev. F.K.Fiawoo, B.A., B.D., as co – founders with quite a representative group of sixteen (16) student from almost all the parts of the Gold Coast, British and French Togoland, except the northern territories.

The name Gold Coast People College meant a national institution, which has been founded, controlled and operated by the people of the gold coast for the education of african youth. This was established in response to cries of the people of the gold coast (Ghana) for complete and efficient educational opportunities of national character.

The first Teaching Staff was made up of the following;
  1. Reverend Isaac Doe Osabutey-Aguedze, M.A., B.A., (President)
    Professor of Philosophy, English, Zoology, and African Culture
  2. Reverend F.K. Fiawoo, B.A., B.D., (Dean)
    Associate Professor of philosophy, English, and Botany.
  3. Mr.E.O. Pecku ,1st class Cambridge Certificate (Registerar)Tutor of Mathematics and Geography.
  4. Mr J.K.Seddoh, an equivalent of senior cambridge Tutor Of French ,German and Latin.
  5. Mr. P.R. Ola Cole ,an equivalent of senior Cambridge Tutor of Chemistry and physics .
The following were tutors that manned the vocational Department:
  1. Mr. F.J.Brenyah, Poultry Farmer
  2. Mr Djentu, Carpentry and Masonary
  3. Mr. J.K.Dornoo-Hushie,Tailoring

On the 6th December, 1941 after six [6] years nursery at its original home, Adidome, the Gold Coast People College moved to Ada and re-opened for the term on 23rd January, 1942. On the 1st October, 1943 as a result of the taking-over of the college by the Dangbe schools Board, a limited liability company founded by Justice Adumoa Bossman, Rev. I.D. Osabutey-Aguedze, Dr. J. E. O. Amegacher, Justice Nii Amaa Oleenu, Mr.J.K .Ayekpa, and others to finance and manage it. The Gold Coast People college assumed the new name of “Ada College’.

In January, 1945 the institution was moved to Dodowa .

Thereafter, the Dangbe schools Board Limited became inactive and the responsibility of keeping the schools going was left mainly on the shoulders of the founder, Rev. I .D. Osabutey-Aguedze.

Some of the members of the Dodowa community who aided the school to strike root and to grow since its removal to Dodowa are : the late J. Abedi-Boafo, the late Rev. William Quartelai Quartey, the late Isaac Bulley, and the late Ellis Ayisi.

In 1953, the government took over the school as a government encouraged secondary school and in February 1953 , a board of Governors was appointed for the first time for the school.

Until the 31st May,1957, when the founder and the principal of the College, Rev Dr. Isaac Doe Osabutey -Aguedze,retired the original motto of the school is that “Manhood” therefore stays at the battle front to fight until victory is won. This motto inculcates the philosophy of patience, perseverance and tolerance in the achievement of objectives into the students.

Rev. Dr. I. D. Osabutey-Aguedze was replaced by the late Edward Albert Addy as Acting Headmaster on 1st June,1957. Barely three weeks later, following the submissions made by the acting Headmaster, the Board of Governors in their plenary session on 21st June,1957 adopted the name “Ghanata Secondary School”.

Ghanata was the name for the people of the ancient Ghana Empire and since this country was named after the Ancient Ghana Empire the name Ghanata seemed most suitable for the school.

The motto of the school was changed from ” MANHOOD “ to ” CARPE DIEM “ By the late Edward Albert Addy. ” Carpe Diem “ literally means ” Seize the Day “ which was translated to ” Seize the Opportunity “. The symbols of the school’s crest are:
  • (a). Aburning torch
  • (b). A Circle
  • (c). An Opened book

The burning torch signifies the light one acquires in Ghanata by which one will see ones way in life both in school and home .The torch should be kept alive to help bring about improved personal development to benefit society.

The Circle symbolizes the great Ghanata family. Once someone becomes a student in school,he or she becomes a member of the Ghanata family.

The Opened book stand’s for the academic work one will have to do in the school.
In January,2007 the school moved from its old site in the Dodowa township to its permanent site after it has been elevated to status of a district model school in 2003.

Today Ghanata senior High School is a proud Government Assisted Mixed Boarding District Model High School with an enviable record of discipline,hard work and high academic performance.

Since the founding of this school, ten educationalists including the incumbent Headmaster have the school. These educationalists are:
  1. Rev. Dr. Isaac D.Osabutey-Aguedze [1936-1957]
  2. Mr. Edward A.Addy [1957-1973]
  3. Mr. Alexender N.Tettey-Enyo [1973-1982]
  4. Mr.William F.Forson. [1982-1985]
  5. Mr. Mettle N . Attrams. [1986-1994]
  6. Mr. Peter M.Onumah. [1994-1995]
  7. Mr.Emmanuel F.Tsaku. [1995-2002]
  8. Mr James A. Myers – [2002-2009]
  9. Mrs. Freda Y . Koasi (DDE),Ag head -[April,2010-August,2010]
  10. Mr. Benjamin K. Apperkon. – [2010- up-to-date]

Past Head Teachers

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