Facilities & Assets

Buildings & Structures

    1. The Administration Block: This is the first building you meet as you enter the school.
      1. The ground floor contains the Accounts Offices, General office and offices of the Assist. Headmaster Academic, Senior Housemaster and Assist. Headmaster Administration respectively .
      2. This block also houses the Headmaster’s Office and the Staff Common room.


    1. Dining Hall:  There is the old Dining Hall with a capacity of about 700 students. This structure also serves as the Assembly Hall for student occasions and events.


    1. Library & ICT Blocks: The School boasts of a Library, Computer Laboratory, and a Sickbay.


    1. Science Block: This three (3) unit block comprises:
      1. Biology lab
      2. Chemistry Lab
      3. Physics Lab


    1. Bungalows:  There are about eight (8) bungalows for male staff, three(3) for female staff and two(2) uncompleted bungalows under-construction.


    1. Home Economics Department: Two blocks comprising Food and Nutrition Block, Home Management Block, one classroom and storerooms.
    2. Visual Art/ Business Block: Single floor long block, Ceramics Studio, comprising the Art Studio.
    3. Classroom Blocks: : There are four(4) 12-seater Classroom Blocks with additional three(3)-unit classrooms. These include:
      1. Old Junior Block; (BLK A), two floors;comprising 12 classrooms
      2. New Senior Block (BLK B), two floors; comprising 12 classrooms.
      3. Atta Mills Block containing 12 classrooms.
      4. John Mahama Block containing 12 classrooms.


  1. Dormitories: There are two(2) Girls Complex (with 2 storey each) and two(2) Boys Complex (with 2 & a 3 storey)

Vehicles & Equipment

  1. Buses : There school owns three vehicles : Two ( 2 ) buses and one ( 1 ) pickup Van

Overview of Our Facilities

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